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My basement had been bothersome for years, and every time I tried to clean and rearrange, I was so overwhelmed that it never  got done.  Tina came and immediately set me at ease.  She knew just where to start, and her pleasant company made it easy.  In just one afternoon we made enormous progress!   Everything I need is now organized, visible, and reachable. Everything we didn’t need or know what to do with is gone.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders!  Thank you so much, Tina!


Warwick, RI

Space-Time transformed my frame of mind as well as my home.  I can finally breathe.  The clutter and chaos that had weighed me down has been replaced with organized beauty and calm.  


Within several years I buried both my parents, closed 2 businesses, and sold a second home.  I was also battling a critical illness and could not keep up with it all.  My home became the dumping ground for boxes and boxes of files and items that could wait to be dealt with. Hundreds of boxes.  Many contained sensitive information and some of them contained emotional 'stuff’. 


Well, in breezed Tina.  She is smart, organized, and a real pleasure to work with. She listened carefully to my needs and made helpful suggestions. When I had difficulty with decisions, Tina calmly and cheerfully guided me through choices.  She moved quickly!  If I started to falter, she helped keep me motivated and made wonderful suggestions.  And we laughed the whole time!!


I am tremendously grateful to Tina. Her calm nature and bright sense of humor make her easy to work with.  Her quick intellect and sharp mind make her very good at her job. If you need a personal organizer, you won’t find better than SpaceTime. 


North Attleboro, MA

We had Tina at Space-Time Professional Organizing help us with rearraraging our closets.  This was a great help for us as she showed us a logical method of arrangement.  We also discovered items that we could no longer use but we're taking up space.

These were things we were trying to do on our own but it always seemed a daunting task.  Her help was just what we needed.


Southern MA

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