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Professional Organizing

Space - Time : Because you need more of both!  

               Let me help you achieve it.

I'm Tina and I'm serious about decluttering.

Let me help you take back your home, your schedule and your life!

As a Professional Organizer with a background in massage therapy and nursing, I am nothing if not holistic in my approach. To sort through, organize and let go of things can be a very difficult process both emotionally and physically.  With my varied background, I can bring a unique set of skills to assist you with your goals.  I will bring mindfulness as well as flexibility into our work, as we create order and make space.

Since my teenage years, I have been intrigued by the process of helping people clear their lives of clutter and chaos.  To see people overwhelmed by their unorganized homes and surroundings makes me want to jump in and help. Instinctively, I know how to make a space peaceful and inviting. 

I am excited to work with you to affirm your true potential of a calm, clear and organized home, where you will enjoy spending time, and things are always in their place.​

   Tina's ABCs of decluttering:

  • Assess your belongings.

  • Breathe deeply through the process.

  • Clear out the clutter!

Before & After


Home Organizing

Complete Decluttering